T-Shirt Update #2

As promised here’s the email address to order the exclusive limited edition #DarkMatter t-shirt.

This is not an official release but offered by a #DarkMatter fan for other fans.


UK £11.00 +£5.00 p&p.


US$15.00 = US$15.00 p&p express delivery available on request.

All other details in previous blog posts

To order send email to darkmatteronline94(at)gmail.com, just change (at) to @. This stops web bots sending me a load of spam.

Subject field should read T-shirt. Include name, delivery address and size required.

Here’s the sizes again.

T sizes



T-shirt update

So what seemed like a never ending marathon has now come to a finish and at long last I’m no able to give you details on how to get your exclusive limited edition t-shirt.

I did think customs may be a problem but having talked to a UK customs officer I know who supplied me with email contacts for US, Canadian & Australian customs it turned out to be quite simple. As there is a specific use for any profit the package can legitimately be marked as a gift. All 3 customs officials I dealt with were most helpful so thanks go out to them.

The t-shirts will cost $15 US. That’s £11 UK or around $18 Can/Aus,  €13 EU. For ease US$ will be used, the other currency prices are rough conversion rounded up and are for guidance only.

International P&P (economy delivery) is $15. Express delivery is available on request. UK P&P £5.00

Sizes available (in inches).

T sizesDMT front


DMT back


So, what next?

Saturday @6.00pm GMT I’ll post the email address where you can place your order. To be fair to all it will be 1 t-shirt per person, first come first served.

Once all 1000 orders have been received it will take a couple of days to collate the different sizes required. When I have the order ready to submit to the screen printing company you will then be asked for payment via Paypal. Once all payments have been received the order will be submitted.

This blog will be updated with the ETA of delivery to me of the shirts. They then have to be packed, address labelled and custom declaration labelled then sent. You’ll be informed here all the way.


So Murphy’s law prevailed the last time I wanted to give you an update, I was on a rest day which meant I was on call in case I was needed to assist and sure enough something went wrong in the area I live and all the others were out on other jobs. I ended up working 10hrs straight but c’est la vie. I’m now officially off for 3 straight days which I spent sorting some of the things out listed below..

So, the problems etc. I faced and resolved so far and those that still need resolved.

Source a T-shirt company with quality products and a fast turn around for orders. DONE!

Final pricing to be agreed when artwork submitted.

Source packaging materials. Sounds simple but you have to check the requirements of different countries but, no problem –DONE!

Ink for printing. I have a continuous ink system on way and bulk ink. Sometimes I can be a dumbo! DONE!

Source label stock, I never thought of this one but it has to be done as the couriers send the label to be printed out. DONE!

4 for 4, looking good so far then came 2 things I hadn’t accounted for.

Courier for international deliveries, I’m still working on that as I may send from here with one courier but at the destination country it most will likely be handed over to another and the last thing I want is delivery problems for you guys. Also the prices vary wildly between the various companies so I have to take the time to read the small print to make sure everything is as needed. So, IN PROGRESS.

Finally customs. The last thing I want is anyone to be hit with a duty fee. I checked the amount for online purchases for Canada which turns out to be $20, this equates to about £11.50 (UK). Realistically it’s looking like they will be about £15.00 (just a guesstimate ATM) so I contacted UK customs for advice.

Long story short, after telling them exactly what will be happening with any monies raised they have given me advice and contact emails for Canada, US and Australian customs to check with them but things are looking good on this front as I’m not acting as a business. I should have confirmation by the middle of next  week that no duty will be payable.

I’ll be preparing the artwork over the weekend so that I’m ready to send it off to the printers early next week and get the final quote off them.

As part of the artwork for the printers has to be a mock up shirt so that they can see the result I want I’ll also post it on twitter for you guys to see.

Going forward I’ve decided on the name for the fansite and will be registering it next week it will be http://www.darkmatteronline.co.uk don’t try it yet it doesn’t exist, I’ll also be finding a host for it (I already have one in mind I’ve used in the past). I’m concentrating on the T-shirts first.

I should be updating this blog by 22nd Oct latest announcing I’m ready to go, exact price and P&P costs, how to order and what day/time orders open. The last I consider the most important. As Dark Matter has a worldwide fan base and this is a true limited edition so I have to try and give everyone the same opportunity to order.

For the many who will miss out on this don’t worry. There will be more T-shirts, embroidered polo shirts, mugs etc exclusively available through the website once it’s fully up and running. Also as I’ll be receiving a printed sample before confirming the order I’ll put that up for a competition where you have a chance to win it for free!

First blog post

Who’d have thought that something so simple would turn into such a complicated process.

1000 exclusive Dark Matter t-shirts for totally dedicated Dark Matter fans like myself. Simples, yes? Not on your life! Little did I know what I was letting myself into and the hurdles to be faced, but Nil Disperandum! I love a challenge and this is certainly one.

As you know I first put my intentions forward on twitter using twitlonger. This makes it difficult for all to track that’s the reason for me starting this blog, everything’s in the same place and easily accessible.

Let me do a quick recap of my intentions as previously posted on twitter.

  1. Provide a limited edition t-shirt to like minded Dark Matter fans such as myself.
  2. All profit (i.e. sales less expences) would be used for 2 purposes only those to be as outlined below.
  3. Cover all costs related to setting up and running Dark Matter fansite for at least 2 years, future merchandise would continue this for as long as you guys want it.
  4. 10% was initially an idea to help Joe keep the sets in place for a year but that idea has gone now so I’ll fall back on the idea for the second years profits of it going to a charity of the site members choosing.

Work now calls so I’ll be updating this later with the challenges/problems met and those so far resolved.

Don’t worry these t-shirts will be happening!